Agroscope is looking for a GC/LC-MSMS specialist

Agroscope ist eine innovative, nach den Grundsätzen des New Public Management geführte Forschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährungswissenschaften. Agroscope gehört zum Eidgenössischen Departement für Wirtschaft, Bildung und Forschung (WBF).


ETH looking for a MS technician

Die Molecular and Biomolecular Analysis Group (MoBiAS) unterstützt die Forschungsaktivitäten im Departement Chemie und Angewandte Biowissenschaften der ETH Zürich. Die Gruppe entstand kürzlich aus dem Massenspektrometrie-Servicelabor und schliesst eine grosse Zahl von Techniken zur Analyse und Charakterisierung von organischen, anorganischen und biologischen Molekülen ein. Die Einrichtung ist ausgerüstet mit hochwertigen Massenspektrometern mit verschiedenen Ionisationsmethoden, sowie einer grossen Anzahl von open Access MS Instrumenten.

Wir suchen eine kommunikative Person zur Unterstützung unseres Massenspektrometrie- sowie Elementar-Analyse-Teams, welche sich in einer innovativen Arbeitsumgebung wohl fühlt, als

Analytik-Laborant/in Massenspektrometrie


2018 SGMS Award

Dear SGMS members,

It is my pleasure to announce on behalf of the SGMS award committee (Prof G Allmaier, Prof C Costello, Prof G Cooks, Dr. Richard Knochenmuss & Dr. Yury Tsybin) that the recipient of the 3rd SGMS award is Bernd Bodenmiller. Please join the SGMS board in congratulating Bernd with this excellent achievement. We are looking forward to his presentation at the annual meeting in Beatenberg



Solvias: Scientific associate OS (Mass spectrometry of small molecules)

Solvias is a world leader in contract research, development and manufacturing. The industries we serve include pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices and cosmetics. With our excellent infrastructure and unrivalled expertise, we develop, analyze and test a wide range of biological and chemical substances and products.

We’re looking for a dynamic personality, who will strengthen the capabilities of our successful Extractable & Leachables Team. The broad range of LC/MS and GC/MS technologies as well as the regulatory and toxicological background knowledge present in the current team will provide a perfect opportunity for professional development of young MS chemists, looking for an innovative and continuously changing work environment.


University of Basel: Ph.D. Position on Mass Spectrometry-Based Analysis of Metabolites

The Translational Medicine Research Group headed by Prof. Pablo Sinues at the University Children’s Hospital Basel (UKBB) —Department of Biomedical Engineering (University of Basel)—is an internationally leading research group in the field of novel diagnostic tools development, aiming to be the future standard of care.


EFTMS approaching (from Prof Phil Schmitt-Kopplin)

Dear Colleagues, EFTMS2018 is approaching and I´m looking forward seeing you all in Freising for this event J

As you probably saw I managed to invite Patrick McGovern for the introduction talk – he is archeochemist and will tell us about the science and analytics of ancient brews – ideal talk for a place like Freising / Weihenstephan where is located the oldest Brewery; we´ll have some tasting.

Find enclosed the flyer you may still send aroung at your peers. We´ll have some great science, innovative developments and nice applications. EFTMS2018 is an FTMS-familly meeting in tradition and I´m happy to welcome you home !

With my best regards,




IMSF call for applications for the 2018 Nico Nibbering student travel awards

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below the link to the guidelines for applications for the 2018 Nico Nibbering student travel awards from the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation.

These awards will support students of mass spectrometry from around the world to attend the IMSC in Florence in 2018.



Postdoctoral Position at ETH Zurich, Analytical Chemistry

We seek to fill a postdoctoral position in our research group. The topic of the research project will be the coupling of novel ambient ionization sources for high-resolution mass spectrometry with cost-effective paper-based sampling and sample work-up devices, and development of promising analytical applications of this strategy. This project is a collaboration with a major industrial partner.


EAWAG: Mitarbeiter/in im Bereich Massenspektrometrie-basierte organische Analytik (80%)

Die Eawag ist das international vernetzte Wasserforschungsinstitut des ETH-Bereichs (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschulen Schweiz). Sie betreibt Forschung, engagiert sich in der Ausbildung und ist im Bereich der fachspezifischen Beratung tätig. Damit verfolgt sie zwei parallele Ziele: den unmittelbaren menschlichen Bedarf an Wasser zu decken sowie die Funktionsfähigkeit und den Fortbestand aquatischer Ökosysteme zu erhalten.
Die Abteilungen Umwelttoxikologie und Umweltchemie suchen per 1. März 2018 oder nach Vereinbarung


Thomson Medal Award and the Curt Brunnee Award nominations

Dear SGMS members,

Next year will bring the 22nd International Mass Spectrometry Conference. It will be held in lovely Florence. As you are aware, during the IMSC two awards are handed out, namely the Thomson Medal and the Curt Brunnee Award.

For the Thomson Medal award, winners should be accomplished in both of the following areas:
a) Outstanding achievements in mass spectrometry
b) Distinguished services to international mass spectrometry societies

The Curt Brunnee award (Yury was the 2016 winner) is given to young promising scientists, who has made an essential contribution to the development of experimental and theoretical mass spectrometry.

Please have a look at the attached documents and sent me (info(at)sgms(dot)ch) your proposals BEFORE December 15th.

Best wishes,


35th SGMS meeting pictures are online

Hardcore mass spectrometry, excellent applied stories, latest news from vendors and a brilliant social trip to Tropenhaus Frutigen.

If you have pictures you want to share, please contact Bertran Gerrits


EPFL has an open position as Head of Central Environmental Laboratory

The Environmental Engineering Institute (IIE) of EPFL is recruiting a Head of their Central Environmental Laboratory (CEL), with expertise in the field of environmental analytical chemistry.
The CEL is the analytical platform of the Environmental Engineering Institute (IIE) of the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering. It is a platform for chemical and molecular biology analysis, providing services for IIE, EPFL at large, and for external public and private institutions. It consists of two core service platforms: environmental analytical chemistry and molecular biology. The facility currently employs four technical and two scientific staff members.


TOFWERK have an open position for a PhD candidate

Tofwerk AG is recruiting an Early-stage researcher (PhD student) in the framework of the CLOUD-MOTION Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network. The Early-stage researcher (ESR) will be employed for a period of 36 months at the Tofwerk AG (Thun, Switzerland) in PhD supervision collaboration with the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry (PTC) Department at the University of Wuppertal (Germany), and will be part of a network of 10 PhD students enrolled in an European network of ten academic and private institutions


PhD student position at ETH Zurich

We seek to fill a Ph.D. student position in our research group end of 2017/early 2018. The Ph.D. student will take part in a collaborative project on exhaled breath analysis using ambient mass spectrometry. The project combines aspects of biomarker identification using advanced mass spectrometric, chromatographic and statistical tools, some instrumentation, and work with patients from the University Hospital Zurich. State-of-the- art mass spectrometry and LC-MS instrumentation is available in our group, and world-class departmental facilities (mechanical and electronic workshops, library services, computing facilities, etc.) are accessible at ETH.


University Zurich is looking for a MS specialist

Das Institut für Chemie der Universität Zürich ist mit ca. 300 Mitarbeitenden in Lehre und Forschung tätig.

Die Abteilung für Massenspektrometrie & allgemeine Analytik unterstützt die Forschungsaktivitäten im Institut für Chemie und führt hauptsächlich Analysen von synthetischen Substanzen mittels Chromatographie, Massenspektrometrie und Verbrennungsanalysen durch.

Wir suchen ab sofort oder nach Vereinbarung eine/n

Laborant/in in analytischer Chemie (Massenspektrometrie) 80%

Sie ergänzen das gut eingespielte und motivierte Team der Abteilung Massenspektrometrie & allgemeine Analytik.

Swiss Group for Mass Spectrometry
Schweizerische Gruppe für Massenspektrometrie
Groupe suisse de spectrométrie de masse
Gruppo svizzero di spettrometria di massa