Alain van Gool, Professor in Personal Healthcare from Radboud university medical center Nijmegen will lecture at SGMS 2017


David Goodlett from the University of Maryland will speak at SGMS 2017

For all other invited speakers, see our meeting website


EPFL: Post doc in MS data analysis. natural products with Jean-Luc

Post-doctoral position in Mass spectrometry data analyst – Natural Extract characterization
Working time: 100%. Contract duration: Minimum 1 year. Employment date: ASAP.

Innovative data mining strategies for natural extracts metabolomics, natural products dereplication and bioactives identification.


Prof Dr. Neil Kelleher from Northwestern university is giving a seminar at ETH Zurich

It is my pleasure to invite you to the seminar of Dr. Neil Kelleher from Northwestern University.

TITLE: “New platforms for large scale discovery of microbial natural products"

He will stop by on his way to the Swiss Proteomics Society Meeting in Thun & present his latest exciting research next Wednesday (19.04.2017) at 2pm in room HPM D7.2 at ETH Hoenggerberg.

Although most of you know Neil in the context of his research spearheading top-down proteomic efforts, his team recently also became interested in the discovery of microbial natural products. Neil is a great and entertaining speaker & we are looking forward to seeing you at the seminar!


SGMS 2017 meeting registration is OPEN


New SGMS Sponsor: Equipnet

EquipNet is the world’s most comprehensive surplus asset management company. We are appraisers, brokers, and auctioneers of laboratory instrumentation and manufacturing equipment.

Whether it’s surplus asset tracking, equipment redeployment, sales or purchasing second-hand equipment, our broad range of services allows clients to generate a significant amount of previously unidentified funds from assets that have just been sitting idle. Since 1999, EquipNet has been revolutionizing the way companies manage their surplus assets. In all cases, our clients benefit from hundreds of years of combined experience of our global workforce and an umbrella of support from our Project Managers who make sure that goals are met and deadlines are kept.


Free trip to Brazil and get educated in MS / Proteomics!

The Sao Paulo School of Advanced Science on Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics (SPSAS-MS) will be held at the Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory (LNBio), in the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM) campus in Campinas-SP, Brazil. The SPSAS-MS, funded by Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), aims to provide an overview of state-of-art techniques on Quantitative and Spatial Proteomics, Clinical Proteomics, Targeted Proteomics, Post-translational Modifications, Structural Proteomics, Computational and Statistical methods for Proteomics.

Applications are free of charge. Undergraduate, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (up to 5 years after completion of the Ph.D.) from all countries are encouraged to apply. In total, 90 applicants will be selected: 35 Brazilian residents and 55 foreigner residents. For the selected applicants the SPSAS-MS will cover: air tickets, accommodation, food expenses and local transportation during the course.


MOVISS - “Mountain Village Science Series” - Bio & Data

We would like to invite you to Bio&Data, the first workshop of the newly established MOVISS – “Mountain Village Science Series” taking place in Vorau, Austria (Sep 20-23, 2017). MOVISS Bio&Data is different to the usual conferences. It is rather constructed as a small, problem-driven meeting, full of discussions and questions about how to deal with metabolomics data reasonably. In this way, we hope to constructively engage some of the greatest minds collaboratively on solving some of the challenges of the metabolomics and bioinformatics community. Four sessions are planned, each devoted to a separate step of the metabolomics process; Design of Experiments, Analytical Analysis, Data Processing and Statistical Analysis in the biosciences will all be discussed including your data, if you bring them for discussions. We plan a summary of this discussion will be produced as a paper for publication to share within the wider metabolomics community. Finally, you can continue with the R Summer School from September 25 – 27, 2017 in Vorau!

Peter Filzmoser and Tomáš Adam


CSL: Job opportunity in Australia

As a Research Scientist- Analytical Biochemistry you will join CSL’s Research Group and be responsible for providing internationally competitive mass spectrometry capabilities in this vital laboratory–based role. You will implement innovative techniques for the in-depth analysis of biopharmaceutical therapeutics using your expert knowledge of post-translational modifications of proteins and their method of analysis. Your extensive knowledge in mass spectrometric techniques in combination with a wide variety of separation methods, for detailed characterisation of complex modified proteins will be an asset. If you are a proactive person having excellent attention to detail and want to be part of a growing organisation this could be your next long term role working in the heart of Melbourne.


ETH Zurich: Analytik-Laborant/in – (Massenspektrometrie)

Die Molecular and Biomolecular Analysis Group (MoBiAs) unterstützt die Forschungsaktivitäten im Departement Chemie und Angewandte Biowissenschaften. Die Gruppe entstand kürzlich aus dem Massenspektrometrie-Servicelabor und schliesst eine grosse Zahl von Techniken zur Analyse und Charakterisierung von organischen, anorganischen und biologischen Molekülen ein. Die Einrichtung ist ausgerüstet mit hochwertigen Massenspektrometern mit verschiedenen Ionisationsmethoden, sowie einer grossen Anzahl von open Access MS Instrumenten.

Wir suchen eine kommunikative Person zur Unterstützung unseres Massen-spektrometrie sowie Elementar Analyse Teams, welche sich in einer innovativen Arbeitsumgebung wohl fühlt, als


MS talks: two excellent speakers at the Laboratory for Organic Chemistry at the ETH in Zurich

Two influential scientist that employ mass spectrometric methods will visit the ETH. Have a look at the MS talk page for more details


Novartis: Postgraduate in Mass Spectrometry

We have an immediate opening for a highly motivated postgraduate to support IBP in developing mass spectrometry-based analytical methods for the characterization of bio therapeutics including monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates.


Ambient Ionisation Meeting 2017

Meeting Details:

To highlight and focus on the research and innovation in areas relating to the applications and mechanistic understanding of ambient ionisation-mass spectrometry.

Meeting Summary and Details:
This meeting is open to all organizations and institutions with interests in utilising and investigating ambient ionisation mass spectrometry across the spectrum of application areas.

The organizers would appreciate your support and attendance.

Keynote Speaker:
Chip Cody, Jeol


Celerion: LCMS Instrument Responsible 100%

Celerion Switzerland AG is part of the global Celerion Inc. With our European GLP-certified bioanalytical facility located in Fehraltorf / Zürich, as a contract research organization (CRO) we are supporting the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries during the development of new drugs and products.

Due to the continued expansion of our successful bioanalytical laboratory we are looking for a

LCMS Instrument Responsible 100%


Native MS 2016 - Top Down and Structural Mass Spectrometry: A practical course (Lisbon, Portugal)

On behalf of the organisers I would like to inform you about this practical course in wonderful Lisbon.

This course will cover many of the modern methods of structural analysis of bio-macromolecules by Mass Spectrometry.

Specific topics that will be addressed include:

- Native Mass Spectrometry
- Structural MS instrumentation
- Top-down Mass Spectrometry

For more information click here:


Nesté: Software Engineer Trainee – Master Student

As Software Engineer Trainee, you will join the Analytical Sciences department at the Nestlé Research Center to work on protein identification and quantification by mass spectrometry. Your role will be to develop a tailor-made software solution to process and analyse mass spectrometry data. The software should be able to identify and quantify selected target proteins as well as their associated proteoforms, and generate comprehensive reports to be communicated to R&D centres.


Student & Post-Doc meeting Reports

The SGMS regularly supports students and post-docs with travel awards. This is possible due to our generous sponsors. One of the requirements is that the awardee writes a small report (with a nice picture). These reports can now be found online


Mass Spectrometry related talks

We just opened a new section on the SGMS websites called MS Talks. The idea is that you can publish your mass spectrometry related seminars (like invited speakers) here. Send an email to us with the details.


University of Geneva - School of Pharmacy Post-doctoral position

Mass spectrometry data analyst – Natural Extract characterization Working time: 100%. Contract duration: 2 years. Employment date: ASAP.

The project is framed in a fruitful collaboration established in 2014 between the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) and the School of Pharmacy of the University of Geneva. Located in the heart of Geneva, the Phytochemistry & Bioactive Natural Products research unit of School of Pharmacy has a strong expertise plant metabolomics and bioactives identification ( NIHS has recently been established to deliver world class excellence in biomedical research to better understand health and disease with the goal of translating this knowledge into personalized science‐based nutrition. Located less than 1 km away from the Geneva Lake, on the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) campus in Lausanne, NIHS ( offers a truly innovative and international working environment fostering academic research. As part of NIHS, the Natural Bioactives & Screening Department aims to identify new natural bioactives of interest for metabolic, gastrointestinal, and brain health. Both working locations are easily accessible and commutable by public transport. English is the working language.


Announcement: Heinreich-Emanuel-Merck Award for Analytical Sciences 2017 - worth 15'000 CHF

On behalf of Prof. Dr. Reinhard Niessner:

Dear All !
It´s a great pleasure to me to announce the Heinrich-Emanuel-Merck Award 2017 for analysts up to the age of 45 years again. Most of you know about this prestigious award. Please transfer the message to those you assume they could become a wordy recipient !
And, the HEM Award 2017 will be handed over at EUROANALYSIS 2017 in Stockholm, when we will be there.
Best regards, Reinhard


TOFWERK: Laser Ablation ICP-MS Application Scientist

Headquartered in Thun, Switzerland, TOFWERK aims to bring the advantages of our time-of-flight (TOF) technology to new markets and applications. With team members in Switzerland, Germany, and the United States, we offer custom instrumentation for research laboratories and OEM partners and high performance end-user instruments, including the icpTOF.

To strengthen our icpTOF Team, we are looking for an Application Scientist with experience in laser ablation ICP-MS to work at our facility in Thun, Switzerland.

Swiss Group for Mass Spectrometry
Schweizerische Gruppe für Massenspektrometrie
Groupe suisse de spectrométrie de masse
Gruppo svizzero di spettrometria di massa