Information regarding SGMS 2020 and COVID-19

Dear SGMS members, dear colleagues,

As the world is dealing with an unprecedented crisis, we will inform you here, about the status of the  38th SGMS annual meeting that is due to take place on October 29-30 2020 in Beatenberg.

[ Update from 3 July 2020 by the Board ]

  • There is now a serious risk that we enter the 2nd wave of COVID19 infections. Please adhere strictly to all rules set by the BAG.

  • Wear a hygiene mask wherever you cannot keep a distance of 1.5m to other people

  • The 38th SGMS meeting to take place on 29&30 October 2020 in Beatenberg.

  • The 3rd SGMS school is moved to 2021, date&topic to be decided.

  • Registration is now open.

  • Please register as early as possible, to help with the organisation and to give a positive sign to the Dorint Hotel Team!

  • There will be a full refund of registration fees in case we cannot organise the meeting.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

Warm Regards from the SGMS Board! 

Should you have any questions regarding this or SGMS in general, do not hesitate to contact us at info(at)sgms(dot)ch.

Should you have any questions or are looking for information regarding the SARS-CoV-2 Virus or the COVID-19 disease, please have a look at the official webpage of the Federal Office of Public Health