2018 SGMS School
FTMS Fundamentals

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Pre-SGMS School Information

The 2018 pre-SGMS workshop is about “FTMS Fundamentals”. It will focus on teaching and discussing current knowledge in Fourier transform mass spectrometry (FTMS), with a particular focus on Orbitrap FTMS fundamentals and FTMS data processing. The program is built around didactic lectures and practical workshops, with a particular emphasis on hands-on problem solving, obtaining practical knowledge of data processing, and interaction with the teachers.

The workshop is designed for the FTMS end-users in academic and industrial analytical departments, with a focus on industrial scientists, advanced graduate students, post-docs and scientists in the areas of analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology.

Registration / Costs

Registration opens soon!

  • School Only (registration includes one night at the Dorint hotel, all lectures/workshops as well as coffee breaks, lunch and dinner on Wednesday, breakfast on Thursday)
  • SGMS Annual Meeting (registration includes one night at the Dorint hotel, Thursday Apéro and SGMS dinner, Friday breakfast, coffee breaks)
  • School & SGMS Annual Meeting (registration includes two nights at the Dorint hotel, and all of the additional items included for School and SGSM meeting registration)
  SGMS Members Non-Members
School SGMS Both School SGMS Both
Single Room Occupancy 300 300 500 350 350 600
Double Room Occupancy 270 270 400 320 320 540
Student (double room - indicate roommate) 100 100 150 100 100 150
Accompanying person (indicate roommate) 230 230 400 230 230 400


All lectures and workshops will take place at the main lecture hall of the Dorint Hotel in Beatenberg, Switzerland: https://hotel-interlaken.dorint.com/en/

All coffee breaks, lunch(es) and dinner(s) will take place in the Dorint hotel lobby/restaurants.

Organizational details

  1. Bring your laptop (Windows OS, 64 bit) for FTMS data processing and analysis practical work.
  2. Prior to the event we will provide custom FTSM data processing and analysis software to install on your laptops (Windows OS). There will be a possibility to install the software during the School.
  3. Submit your questions and suggestion for the School program and workshops prior to the event to Dr. Yury Tsybin ( education(at)sgms(dot)ch). You are welcome to send in your questions during the event or communicate them in person.


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

9:00-11:00         Registration (Dorint hotel, Beatenberg)

                                FTMS data processing software installation on your laptops (if not done prior)

10:30-11:00           Coffee/croissants


Morning session (main lecture hall of Dorint hotel)            

11:00-11:15        Introduction, distribution of working problems

                        Yury Tsybin

11:15-12.00        Lecture 1:  FTMS Fundamentals: Orbitrap and ICR Principles

                        David Kilgour

12:00-12:45        Lecture 2:  Charge Detection FTMS Fundamentals  

                        Evan Williams


12:45-14:15        Lunch break (Dorint hotel)


Afternoon session       

14:15-15:00        Lecture 3: Orbitrap FTMS Experiment Step by Step

                        Yury Tsybin

15:00-16:15        Workshop 1: FTMS Fundamentals: FT basics, frequency vs mass spectra, resolution, isotopes, peak picking, noise analysis, signal/noise, baseline subtraction, reduced vs full profile vs. centroid mass spectra

                               Problem solving with lecturers, practical work on your laptops

                         All faculty


16:15-16:45        Coffee break (check-in to your hotel rooms)


Evening session

16:45-17:30        Lecture 4: FTMS Data Processing and Analysis for Selected Applications

                          Yury Tsybin & David Kilgour

17:30-18:45        Workshop 2: FTMS Fundamentals: recalibration, mass accuracy, data summation, advanced FT and non-FT methods, examples from applications

                            Problem solving with lecturers, practical work on your laptops

                         All faculty


19:00                Dinner in Dorint hotel


Thursday, October 25, 2018


8:00-9:00               Breakfast at Dorint Hotel


Morning session (main lecture hall of Dorint hotel)

9:00-9:45           Workshop 3: Review of working problems (answers)

                        David Kilgour & Yury Tsybin

9:45-10:15         Workshop 4: A discussion on FTMS practice and principles

                                (participants are welcome to submit questions/topics prior to the event or during it)

                        All faculty

10:15-10:30        Summary and closing remarks

                        Yury Tsybin

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