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Characterization and quantification of proteins associated with neurodegenerative diseases by high-resolution mass spectrometry.

The LEMM unit (Drug Metabolism Research Laboratory) at CEA Saclay, France, in collaboration with the Institute of Memory and Alzheimer's Disease, the neuropathology department, and the Department of Metabolic Biochemistry at University Hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière (Paris), invites application for a position of Postdoctoral Researcher.

Extensive characterization and quantification of proteins associated with neurodegenerative diseases is crucial for the understanding of molecular mechanisms and identification of relevant biomarkers for positive diagnosis. 
In these objectives, the Postdoctoral Researcher will develop innovative high-resolution mass spectrometry techniques related to the project, in particular in the fields of quantitative top-down and bottom-up mass spectrometry, in order to precisely characterize the proteoforms and post-translational modifications of biomarkers in tissues and biological fluids from patients with neurodegenerative diseases. As a consequence, he/she will need a solid grounding in protein mass spectrometry and the handling of human biological samples. The post-doc also aims at applying such methods to clinical cohorts, including data analysis and interpretation. The project will require writing scientific articles or reports.

The position is available for a period of 24 months, with an expected starting date 1st December 2020, and is located at laboratory LEMM (Saclay, 20 km south of Paris, France). Core activity of the laboratory is the development of innovative analytical methods based on mass spectrometry (Hansbauer EM et al, Anal. Chem 2017, Viodé A et al, Front Neurosci. 2018, Viodé A et al, Analyst 2019, Dubois C et al, J Proteome Res. 2020). Further information on CEA at

The candidate will hold a doctoral degree in analytical chemistry or biochemistry. Prior research experience in mass spectrometry-based quantitative proteomics is required. Enthusiasm for interdisciplinary research, ability to work in a team and good English skills are expected 

Applications should be written in English or French comprising a statement of motivation and research interests, a CV, a full publication list, and the names of two referees. These files should be sent by email to: sandrine(dot)leblois(at)cea(dot)fr and francois(dot)becher(at)cea(dot)fr  
or by post: François Becher / Sandrine Leblois, CEA Saclay, Bat 136, SPI, 91191 Gif sur Yvette Cedex, France

Applications should be sent before 2020 August 30th

Published: 01.08.2020

Post-doctoral position in structural systems biology

A post-doctoral position is available in the ‘Allosteric proteomics’ group of Dr. Ilaria Piazza at the Max Delbrück Center for molecular medicine (MDC) in Berlin, Germany.

Job description

The Piazza laboratory ( uses mass spectrometry-based approaches to identify protein-small molecule interactions on a large scale and directly from complex cell and tissues. The group studies protein conformational changes integrating multi-omic data with structural biology. The successful candidate will devise new methods to measure dynamic proteome structural changes and their functional consequences. You will derive novel biological insights analyzing the relationship between metabolic alterations and eukaryotic gene expression.

You will join a young and enthusiastic team of scientists working at the cutting edge of proteomics and genomics ( You will learn advanced structural proteomics analyses based on data-independent acquisition mass spectrometry and apply relevant bioinformatics approaches. You will have access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and be involved in international cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Your profile

Applicants should have a solid experimental or computational background, a strong publication record as primary author, and excellent communication skills in English. Knowledge of German is not required.
A strong interest in interdisciplinary technology development, and system biology concepts are the requisite skills for this position. The candidate will be responsible for the experimental and data analysis design. You will integrate different kinds of genomic and proteomics data to answer biologically relevant questions about protein allostery and epigenetics. Previous experience with human cancer cell lines or budding yeast (S. cerevisiae), genome editing and bioinformatics are highly recommended. The ability to work independently and creatively contribute to the design of the research project are essential. Applicants wishing to integrate computational and experimental biology approaches are specifically encouraged to apply. Familiarity with large-scale data sets and proteomics is preferable but not required. 

We are located at the Max Delbrück Center for molecular medicine (MDC) in the Helmholtz association in Berlin. At its two research locations in Berlin the MDC is expanding in the field of medical systems biology, data science and structural biology. Berlin is a wonderful place where top science comes with one of the most vibrant cultural environment in the world!

Interested? Please contact us at ilaria(dot)piazza(at)mdc-berlin(dot)de or see the original ad here

Published: 04.06.2020

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