SGMS School / Workshop

3rd (2021) 2nd (2019) 1st (2018)

During the last years, the SGMS board had the idea to organise the SGMS meeting with more focus on one subject. But as our member base is very broad, we did not want to change much to the format. So the idea of an SGMS School / Workshop was born.


Topic to be decided

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, the 3rd SGMS School is moved to 2021. We would very much like to hear suggestions for the 2021 school and for future SGMS speakers.


Ion Mobility Fundamentals & Applications

Ion Mobility coupled with Mass Spectrometry (IM-MS) is a rapidly developing and increasingly powerful and versatile technique. Although known since about 1900, only recently has IM advanced to the point of wider commercialisation and application. This is partly due to a recent burst of new technologies which are exciting but diverse, complex and not easy to compare. The 2019 SGMS School on Ion Mobility: Fundamentals and Application, brings together top experts from the major IM-MS suppliers to give us high-level insight into the technologies, their strengths and weakness, and show us example applications. Anyone who wants to be informed about these key new analytical technologies, or is considering adding IM-MS to their lab, should find the workshop useful and interesting.

Main Organiser: Dr. Richard Knochenmuss
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FTMS Fundamentals

The 2018 pre-SGMS workshop is about “FTMS Fundamentals”. It will focus on teaching and discussing current knowledge in Fourier transform mass spectrometry (FTMS), with a particular focus on Orbitrap FTMS fundamentals and FTMS data processing. The program is built around didactic lectures and practical workshops, with a particular emphasis on hands-on problem solving, obtaining practical knowledge of data processing, and interaction with the teachers. The workshop is designed for the FTMS end-users in academic and industrial analytical departments, with a focus on industrial scientists, advanced graduate students, post-docs and scientists in the areas of analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology.

Main Organiser: Dr. Yury Tsibin
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