Booklet printing instructions

Printing instructions depend on your printer.

Open the PDF file.
Select "Booklet" for printing and …

  • Booklet subset: both sides
  • Binding: left
  • Orientation: portrait
  • Auto-rotate pages: yes

Then under "Printer Properties" select …

  • Layout: 1 page per sheet
  • Collate: off
  • Duplex: off (very important)
  • Staple: 2 at center


Alternatively under "Printer Properties" select …

  • Normal Print
  • A4 …
  • 1-sided print (very important)
  • Booklet creation

Then under "Document Options" …

  • Booklet creation > Setup > Booklet fold and staple
  • In "Booklet Adjustment" select "Pre-Imposed By App"

If in doubt, ask your systems administrator.

Further instructions can be obtained here.

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